Multi-LLM AI Chat for Creators

Faune brings the magic of AI models like Mistral, Claude and GPT-4 directly to you for free. Leverage the power of our app to chat with LLMs, search the internet, create images, and more

Available on iOS, iPad, MacOS, and Apple Vision Pro


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Everything you need for engaging AI chats.

Designed for users who value privacy and innovation, our chat app offers unique features without the complexity. If you're looking for an app that breaks the mold with multiple LLMS support and dynamic content, you've found it.

Privacy-Focused AI Conversations
Engage with AI in private. No user accounts required, ensuring anonymity and security.

🔒 Private Conversations

Chats are not stored on our servers or used to train LLMs. We do not sell your data to advertisers.

Start a Private Chat

Privacy-Focused AI Conversations

Engage with AI in private. Our app does not require user accounts, ensuring your interactions remain anonymous and secure.

Dynamic Chat Editor
Edit your chat outputs with our integrated editor for precise output and customized AI responses.

✍️ Edit Like a Pro

Craft perfect outputs with our editor and and leverage AI magic to supercharge productivity.


Writ somthing amaze


Write something amazing!

Built-in Editor to Modify LLM Responses

Refine your prompts with our integrated editor, enabling richer conversations and more precise responses from AI.

Chat with LLMs
Interact with multiple LLMs including GPT-3.5-Turbo, GPT-4 and Mistral-7B

🌍 Multiple Minds, One Chat

Choose your AI. Claude, GPT-4o, or Mistral? Why not all!


Support Across Multiple LLMS

Interact with multiple leading language models, including OpenAI and Mistral, for a wide range of perspectives and insights.

Your AI Chat Experience, Enhanced

Unlock the full potential of AI conversations without any delay. Our chat app ensures you're always ahead, providing dynamic interactions without the need for accounts.

  • Multi-LLM Interaction

    Engage seamlessly with multiple language learning models, including OpenAI and Mistral, to get diverse insights and responses.

  • Dynamic Prompt and Image Support

    Our app supports dynamic prompts and the ability to process images, enhancing the interaction quality with AI.

  • Credit System with Refresh

    Utilize a flexible credit system where credits refresh, ensuring continuous access to AI interactions.

  • Built-in Editor

    Edit your chats with ease using the integrated editor, perfect for refining questions or prompts for the AI.

  • Anonymous Use

    No account creation required, allowing for complete anonymity and ease of use right from the start.

  • Cross-Device Capability

    Faune is available in iOS 17.2+ across multiple devices in the Apple ecosystem including iPhone, iPad, MacOS, and Vision Pro.

LLMs Made Easy

Faune centralizes the world's top downstream LLM providers in a simple-to-use app.

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Start using our powerful multi-LLM app.

Join 1000+ users who have downloaded and enjoyed the Faune experience.

Free to Use, Easy to Upgrade

Our pricing allows everyone to get started for free without user accounts, upgrade when you're ready.



Multi-LLM, image generation, and AI internet search. Get started for free.

  • Multi-LLM
  • Claude 3 Internet Search
  • Editor Access
  • AI Concierge
  • Image Generation
Get started for free

Faune Plus


Our most powerful app version, with upgraded models and image analysis.

  • Multi-LLM
  • Claude 3 Internet Search
  • Editor Access
  • Image Generation
  • GPT-4o & Mistral Large
  • Claude 3.5 Sonnet
  • VPN Bypass
  • Command R+ by
  • Image & Photo Analysis
  • Access to Experimental Features
  • 4x Credit Generation Rate
  • 3x Limit Cap for Credits
Become a Faune Plus Member

Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to us

    • How do I replenish my chat credits?

      A credit is generated every 90 seconds, ensuring you can continue interacting with various LLMs. If you need additional credits, they can be purchased within the app.

    • Do I need to create an account?

      No, our chat app does not require user accounts. You can start chatting with LLMs like OpenAI and Mistral immediately after downloading.

    • Can I get a refund for unused credits?

      We have a no refund policy for credits. Please purchase wisely based on your anticipated usage. Unused credits do not expire.

    • What kind of support does the app offer?

      Support is offered through email hello [at] redwing [dot] ai. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please contact our support team for assistance.

    • Can the app handle dynamic images?

      Yes, our app supports dynamic prompts and can process images in chats, allowing for a rich and interactive LLM chat experience.

    • Is there an editor for editing chats?

      Absolutely! The app includes a built-in editor that lets you easily edit your chats, making it simpler to refine your questions or prompts.

    • Can I interact with multiple LLMs?

      Yes, our app is designed to interact with multiple LLMs such as OpenAI and Mistral, giving you the flexibility to choose or switch between models as needed.

    • How does the credit system work?

      The app uses a credit system where each interaction with an LLMs consumes credits. One credit is generated every 90 seconds.

    • Is there an upgraded version?

      Yes, for the users who wish to upgrade and use photo analysis with upgraded models we offer Faune Plus membership for $14.99/month.

    • Is there image generation in the app?

      Yes, image generation is available, utilizing Amazon Titan G1 with more models to come in the future. Each image creation requires the use of three credits.

    • Does the app have internet search capabilities?

      Yes, internet search is accessible through AI technologies like Claude 3 or GPT-3.5, and this feature is free to use.

    • Can I save or export my chats?

      Yes, you can save and export your chats to various applications such as Notion, Reddit, Apple Notes, Dropbox and more.